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Haven offers reliable returns for institutional token holders, and predictable liquidity for DePIN providers to grow their business.

3D Tokens

Haven for token holders

Tailored, transparent, and secure service; Haven provides predictable returns for institutional and high net-worth token holders.


Haven designs and manages customizable portfolios, tailoring allocations and durations based on the individual needs of each token holder.


Token holders enjoy full visibility of the DePIN providers in their portfolio, real-time access to results and ongoing KPIs.


For the entire duration of the investment, token custody is provided by Anchorage Digital, a proven and reliable custodian in the web3 space.


Haven for service providers

Haven offers DePIN providers predictable and significant token liquidity to grow their business, with individually tailored terms.


As an institutionally focused asset manager, Haven sources significant liquidity to meet the high token demand of DePIN providers.


Each deal is individually contracted to ensure that every DePIN provider is offered the most suitable terms for their business needs.


Minimal capital contribution required from DePIN providers, allowing for greater cash flow to fuel significant, predictable growth.

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Haven Digital Partners

Haven currently operates within the Filecoin network and is in the process of integrating with other DePIN networks.